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Industrial and commercial use

High efficiency, labour saving device, suitable for use across most commercial and industrial scenarios, including in the communication, engineering, petroleum and electrical power industries.

Replace work noise with your music

The ergonomically designed ear protectors are shaped to provide a snug fit around each ear. Built-in headphones and radio let you swap overly loud, irritating or persistent noises for sounds you actually want to hear.


Ideal for rough and uneven ground

This rugged wheel with pneumatic rubber tires and spring suspension provide smooth, easy movement on most terrains. The wheel is on a caster and can rotate freely 360 degrees, making it easy to change direction.

Lightweight, low-noise hand tool

Removes air bubbles and settles concrete quickly and effectively. A convenient carrying handle, reliable motor and steel reinforced shaft make this product one that will last and last as you take it from job to job.

Bright enough for indoor and outdoor use

From tiling to plastering, the Nordstrand Level Laser provides the guiding lines you need to keep everything straight. Easy to use and very accurate, the device is self levelling so all you need to do is place it and set the height.

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Excellence can be measured

Every job needs the right back up. At Nordstrand, we’re proud to make the tools that both enthusiasts and professionals rely on. Our team of chartered engineered and industrial designers work together to create products that they’d be proud to use. By focussing on quality at every step we’re able to meet or exceed the industry standards and give our customers great value for money at the same time.

With deep industry experience, we understand the features that make a particular product useful, reliable and durable. Building on feedback from our customers, we’ve developed a suite of products that help our clients build amazing things. From home renovation plans to professional construction projects; car enthusiasts to qualified mechanics; we’re proud to see our tools in your hands.

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Client testimonials

“Outstanding piece of equipment. This tool is very well made and I am sure will make my son quite happy when he ends up with it down the road in time somewhere.”


“Excellent quality cable by Nordstrand. Insulation jacket thicker and more durable than other RG59 I’ve used. Will definitely buy/use Nordstrand cable again.”

Emm Magoson

“This Nordstrand hot knife was just what was needed. Works as described and made a normally messy, tedious job done by a knife very easy and quick. ”


“The pump is easy to install, and it’s a lot quieter than I had expected. It boosts the water pressure to a level where I am happy with the flow.”

Mark P


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